Apostille Documents


Edward Young can provide apostille certification for the majority of UK public documents. Although not exhaustive below details typical documents that clients ask us to provide apostille and legalisation services for. We usually require original or a legally certified copy thereof, though we list below where photocopies are acceptable for apostille documents.


Photocopy accepted*
ACPO Certificates
Adoption Certificates
Affidavits signed by a solicitor or notary
Agreements & Mandates (witnessed by a solicitor or notary)
Apprenticeship & Indenture Certificate Photocopy
Awards & Degrees (UK issued) Photocopy
Baptism & Confirmation Certificates
Bills of Sale & Proof of Ownership
Birth Certificate
Certificate of Residence documents
Certificates of Good Standing
Company Certificates of Incorporation
Criminal record checks
Death certificates
Decree Nisi/Absolute & Annulments
Deeds & Wills signed by a solicitor
Diplomas & Transcripts Photocopy
Disclosure Scotland Certificates
HM Revenue and Customs letters
Marriage Certificate
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Name Change Deed Polls
National Identification Certificates
Notary Oaths
Company related documents
Passports Photocopy
Permits & Identity Documents Photocopy
Plans & Schematics
Power of Attorney & Letters of Authorisation (witnessed by a solicitor or notary)
Private papers & Letters of Administration

* Unless stated we require original documents or legally certified copy to complete apostillation and legalisation

 Apostille Certificate

The Apostille Certificate follows a prescribed format and  includes the following information

1. Country of issue

2. Who has signed the document

3. The capacity in which the person signed the document

4. Details of any seal on the document

5. Place of issue

6. Date of issue

7. Issuing authority

8. Apostille Certificate number

9. Stamp of issuing authority

10. Signature of representative of issuing authority