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Many countries require that the identity and authority of the Notary Public certified by the State. This, in effect is the next link in the chain of authentication and in the UK the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) issues a signed and sealed Apostille for this purpose. Countries that apply this convention are members of the Hague conference and have entered into force Convention 12, Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents. 

Legalisation / Legalization

Other countries require an additional level of verification in that they demand consularisation and the document, with Apostille, must go the the consulate of the receiving country so that the FCO’s signatures and seals are verified. This process is commonly known as legalization.

Legalisation can add considerable complexity to the process as all consulates have different procedures and costs. It is advisable to ask the recipient authority that you intend to present the documents to what their exact requirements are. We have broad experience in dealing with embassies and consulates of various countries so it is likely we will be able to provide the service of legalising documents for you. Notary Public Edward Young can guide you through what can be a maze of legalisation requirements and arrange for your documents to be legalised in accordance with the needs of the receiving jurisdiction.


Apostille certificates can usually be created for any UK public document. Our apostille document section lists documents that are frequently presented by our clients for apostillisation.

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