Notary public services for individuals

Services for Individuals

Edward Young is a fully qualified Notary Public based in London and a practising solicitor. Edward is able to provide a full range of legal services along notarial services such as Power of attorney, Affidavits, Wills, Probate, International adoption and Notary Public Services. Typical services we provide include.

Power of attorneys for use globally
Bank Instruction letters
Statutory Declarations and supporting documentation for marriage abroad
Swearing of Affidavits
Notarization of agreements
Certified Translations
Copyright documentation
Notarisation of Property documents for global use
Certifying Degree and educational certificates for UAE and globally
Doctors and Dentists certifying educational certificates for Australia and globally
Change of name deed and notarisation
Certified copy documents
Permission for child to travel with lone parents
Certificate of pension entitlement
Verification of adoption papers
Certificates as to residency

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Edward Young Notary Public is a limited company registered in England and Wales (UK). Offices in Mayfair, London. United Kingdom.