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Service of Process - Edward YoungIf your main business is overseas, you may worry that because you do not have a UK Address, you could be at a disadvantage in receiving and sending important documents. Edward Young Notary Public can act for you as an agent for the service of legal process either in acting for parties to international agreements or in UK court actions by receiving and delivering papers to claimant or defendant in a timely manner. This function is often called service of process and is governed by the Hague Service Convention.

We are often recommended by overseas lawyers and attorneys who need to appoint a UK agent to accept service of legal process from the UK courts on behalf of non-domiciled companies and individuals who have entered into agreements, governed by english law. These are typically non-domiciled banks, financial institutions and shipping companies who have entered into contracts.

Agents for Service | Shipping and Transport - Edward Young

Edward Young will act as your agent for service of legal process in relation to:

  • Proceedings issued out of the courts of England or governed by English law
  • Proceedings issued under international law & conventions
  • Arbitration proceedings

By appointing Edward Young an experienced agent for service, to act on your behalf you can be confident that you will receive a fast and responsive receipt and delivery of notices. We employ a modular service  offering that can be tailored specifically to your requirements and preferred payment methods.

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